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¡¡¡¡Changshu huaxing modern ceramics co.,ltd.(HUAXING MODERN CERAMICS CO., LTD./HXMC), mainly take up development, production and sale of ceramics high-technical product, and having advanced equipnent and ability. Mainly products are YTZP,ZTA, SIC and so on, the products have being used to units of Ceramic Gauge tools,sealing ceramic,ceramic reamers,etc.

     The company is located liantang town, nearby the suburbs of changshu city which famous for its long history and special cuiture,as a golden area of the changjiang delta and having beautiful scenery everywhere. Changshu has convenient airline,land and water transportation.
     General manager of company:zhengyuan zhu.The company was build in 2000 .It's anterior name is changshu texture cramics factory which build in 1996.At present,the area of company covered:3000 square meters,building area:more 1600 square meters. certain temperature area:150 square meters .The 40 square meter of that is 20¡À1¡æ,and the 20 square meters of that is 20¡À0.2¡æ.The company have highprecision examination apparatus, equipment and level.There have some engineers,they are absorbed in investgate and exploitation of new product.The company have own intellectual property on the side of production of ceramics(high-new technology production,jiangsu province )
     The company have four kinds products:(1)Ceramic Gauge tools, including Ceramic Gauge Blocks of 0018 series and nicety examination flat of 0108 series.(2)sealing ceramics, including all kinds pipelines sealing ceramic,(3)ceramic reamers,including all kinds ceramic blades,(4)ceramic supersede metal accessories,including all kinds accessories of abrasion resistance£¬corrosion resistance£¬high temperature resistance£¬not conduct electricity,and not magnetize. There are 97 kinds products,and 191 kinds specification.the Ceramic Gauge tools and sealing ceramic have export to Germany,Italy, Spain and some countrys of Asia.
    Our spirit is:high far ambition,creative development,Quality first and zeal service.
    Our aim is:superior quality,honest,keep promise and service.
Address£º LianTang Town,ChangShu City,JiangSu Province     Tel£º0512-52442157
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